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how to prepare your child

Where is it going to be located?

The event will be hosted in St. Leon, IN.

All Saints Parish-St. Joseph Campus and the local Park

There is an emergency plan in place for storms. This Campus has several buildings and the St. Leon fire station for shelter. 

Where will I sleep and what do I need to bring?


Campus Security

Campus will be locked down during the entire conference weekend. People who are not attending the conference will not be permitted on campus unless previous clearance is established with the Conference Committee. There will be 24 hour on-campus security during the entire conference. During the sleeping hours, there will be additional security walking the designated sleeping area. This is to keep all participants safe and to keep all participants in their designated areas. 

Safe Parish/Safe and Sacred

Age and Safe Environment Policy Adult Chaperones must 21+ and be Safe Environment trained and background checked to the specifications of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. Group Leaders should verify that all adults have completed these are in good standing. 

If you are from a diocese other than Indy you may present the equivalent certificate of Safe Parish/safe and sacred training for your diocese.  

how do i sign up?!

You sign up using permission Click! Make sure to go to our registration page

and choose your parish/group

Don't see your parish/group name? Contact your parish/group to see if you have students going, and make sure your group coordinator Registers (will take 24hr to show up on the website)

What is the difference between a chaperone and a volunteer?

Chaperones: Looking after high school attendees. They must stay the entire weekend. They are responsible for students in their group, help lead small groups, and make sure students are where they are supposed to be. Chaperones and students will receive the same event package. 


Volunteers: Can be there all week, one day, or just a shift. Very flexible. They will only receive a volunteer t-shirt. They will sign up to help with tasks such as security, food, parking, check-in, etc.

What can I do to spread the word? 

How can I Donate to this conference?

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