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For the sake of having enough chaperones, we will be creating small groups with the group you register with.  

You are welcome to tent with friends from different groups.

Walton Kentucky





Lawrenceburg                                Aurora                                Bright

Batesville                              Morris                              Oldenburg



Decatur County


St. Leon       Dover       New Alsace       Yorkville


Register your group before registering individuals

1. Fill out the group/parish registration form and submit edits for your group.

2. Please wait at least 24 hours until you see your group's registration show on the page.

3. Have people come to this site to choose the correct form: parish/group and then student or chaperone.

4. Please read and follow all questions. Parents with more than one child attending only need to complete ONE form.

5. Check-out: everyone needs to have one ticket. Below is what it should look like at the end if you are paying online. Each group might be different, so please read the directions in permission click. 

6. Participants are able to pay online while registering (in addition to a service fee) OR they may pay their group leaders (who will mail it all at once). Checks are to be made out to “All Saints Parish” and mailed to 25743 IN-1, Guilford, IN 47022. All payments are due by June 1st.

check out.png


Available June 1st

1. Click the volunteer form above. 

2. Make sure to read everything. 

3. Since volunteers will be around kids we do ask everyone

to complete Safe Parish (Safe and Sacred) training and have

a background check. Please email certificates to

4. If you have questions email us! If your certificate is up to date you are able to log into your account or ask us to look

it up.  

5. In the form you will find a signup genius to help volunteer. Please fill it out or we will place you anywhere. 

6. To Volunteer is free or you can make a donation. People can donate online (plus service fee) or have the option to donate by cash or check (made payable to “All Saints Parish” and mailed to 25743 IN-1, Guilford, IN 47022.

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